Why Burke's?

LOCAL DOG HIKES interest you?

  • I've walked the trails and roads of the Assabet Valley and more, for over 5 years, with hundreds of different dogs.  I've learned the secret places, the crowded places, where off-leash is acceptable, where to park and so much more.  Stay tuned for my narrated videos, downloads, resources and more.

Want to learn how to BE A DOG WALKER?

  • After thousands of dog walks for hundreds of clients, I've learned the hard way...so you don't have to!  Use my secrets and my simple system to become a dog walker in the quickest and most simple way!  Stay tuned.

And I believe the images and bullet points below show that I've experienced some interesting surprises that might pop up for you too while out on the trails and roads.

Do you want a guide and teacher who has experience in all kinds of situations, so you might be better off when you encounter them?

Such as:

  • When I look out for hazards in the road or wild animals that your dog will want to chase, instead of having my face buried in my phone while texting.  I have the experience to pass on.
  • Or when leashes break, when it's raining or when a wound needs to be re-dressed with a new bandage.  I have the experience to pass on.
  • Or knowing what to do when it's below Zero outside and the dog needs to relieve itself.  Or making triple-sure that doors are shut and locked securely when I leave.  I have the experience to pass on.
  • And ow about when off-leash neighborhood dogs approach?  ...Ok, this one was small, but many others have been bigger.  And even though he may be "nice", this situation almost always causes a commotion in the road between the two dogs with cars speeding by...I've handled a ton of these. I have the experience to pass on.

   ...I provide peace of mind that you too can handle these types of situations.

--I believe trust and peace of mind are super important in someone who is advising you.  So Click Here to check out the "In the Community" page for examples of Brian's leadership and involvement which convey a sense of someone you can count on.

And Finally...I'm a dog care adviser who isn't afraid to take over 37,000 steps in a day out there on the trails and roads, learning about new places, the various things that can happen, etc...So I can pass it all on to you!