Burke's Videos and Resources

Below are some videos that describe our services,  make you laugh, help you care for your dog, etc.  MANY MORE COMING SOON.

 After you watch some videos below, visit these additional Burke's resources:

Our Learning Center is also coming soon, and will have a more specific focus on instruction to promote the best pet care possible.   

...But for now, just a few videos here:

Never a dull moment with Burke's dog walking clients as shown below:

Below, One of my former furry clients is all about spending time with me and not liking the fact that other four-legged friends nearby in the kitchen are moving in...

Below-- At Burke's, we always keep our dogs leashed...for reasons like this deer.  My clients' dogs would be "splits-ville" if they saw and chased after a deer.  I guess I'd be late to my next walk...And what if it were a coyote or fisher cat?  

Resources such as downloadable guides, case studies and more for dog care advice coming soon, as we continue to rebuild our site.