Our Story

I founded what is now Burke's Dog Care, LLC in 2014.  Right away, I designed a logo that exuded high class, butler-like service (a dog with a top hat, bow tie, etc) for a reason.

From day one, we wanted to provide high-class service and insane levels of customer care, and not just be a regular dog walking service.  We wanted to provide peace of mind and relieve any worries about leaving your dog at home when you head out.  It was about more than just features--it was about the benefits...right from the get go.

Who knew that this high-class service would expand across the internet for anyone who wants quality advice and products, and not just local dog walking!

Since then, our dog walking and pet sitting service has received NOTHING but 5-Star reviews, tons of compliments and we even spun off our successful grooming service, as April Burke now owns and operates Burke's Dog Grooming, Inc on her own and is thriving with high-class service as well!

And our products and advice via our facebook page, blog, our videos and more are able to reach dog lovers everywhere.