Products and Services

Although we're not actually providing Dog Walking anymore, we've kept the same high-class standards and are now offering stunning photos taken while on our Dog Walks, ​as well as education on how to start your own dog walking business.

...And if you're local and need your dog spiffed up, April is still providing expert dog grooming!

1. Our Stunning Photography in Wonderful Arrangements

We've seen some stunning views of landscapes, wildlife and other wonders of nature while out on the streets and trails walking dogs over the years.  Simply choose your favorite photos that we've taken, and they will be delivered to your door in days--In a frame, on a canvas, print-only...and even on T-shirts and tote bags!  Visit our Photography Store now.

2. Coming soon - Leverage Brian's experience staring a dog care business from scratch...and start your OWN dog business with his courses.  Stay tuned!

3. Get Your Dog Groomed by a Perfect 5-Star Groomer!

If you're local to Metrowest Boston, visit Burke's Dog Grooming in Marlborough and April will pamper and pretty up your pooch with expert grooms in her salon. Visit Burke's Dog Grooming Website.