Local Dog Hikes / Dog Business Courses

--Local Dog Hikes Video Packages

What are the "out of the way" places to take my dog?  When is it best to avoid the popular ones?  Is off-leash acceptable where I want to go?  What is the actual trail like?  Where does it lead to?

No one wants to spend a Saturday morning googling cool places to take their dogs, then drive all the way there, only to find out that is a crazy venue that you and your dog won't enjoy.

Stay tuned for videos that walk you through the venue with narration from Brian based on his experiences at each place.  Downloadable guides.  Checklists with info such as which place has a poop bag station, which is commonly known for off leash dogs, etc.

--Online Education to Be a Dog Walker

We're releasing online courses soon for instruction on how to teach those who want to start a dog walking business.  Stay tuned.

There will be specific info here regarding the courses, starting in the winter of 2019.  Thanks for your patience.