Online Products, Local Walking, etc

--Dog Walking for Metrowest Boston: 

We offer two lengths of walking visits in Sudbury, Stow, Hudson, etc:  

A 10-15 minute "let out" / potty break (or short walk) for $14.  

And a 25-30 minute exercise leash walk in your neighborhood for $19.  Learn about CAT SITTING visits below.

300 pounds worth of dog in my Volvo.  I drive these two out to the street to avoid them walking across the invisible electric fence line...then it's walk time!

For more peace of mind, you will LOVE our sleek and informative customer portal.  You get immediate visit reports with photos, details of the visit, etc.  And you can exchange communication with us through the portal and not have to worry about texts not going through, etc.


--Learn more about this communication and billing system that ensures that no visits will be missed, you have control over booking and cancelling and that you will have peace of mind.

--Learn More about our dog walking service.

--Online Education for Dog Lovers :

We're releasing online courses soon for instruction on how to be the best dog owner you can be, and to teach those who want to start a dog walking business.  Stay tuned.

There will be specific info here regarding the courses, starting in the fall of 2019.  Thanks for your patience.

--Pet Sitting in Your Home:

Limited availability.  This service's availability is subject to my current workload at any given time.  Please check with me far ahead of the time you'll be away, and also please research other options along with Burke's, just to be safe. 

We visit your house while you are away for multiple days to visit your dogs, cats, snakes, birds, etc  (more on cats below).  You determine the number of visits per day.   Typically, it is 3 or 4 visits.  The service typically STARTS at about $60-65 per day.   It differs from our "walking" service in that you are away for multiple days instead of just at work or out for the day.

  • Maybe your dogs don't do well at boarding places and feel more comfortable staying in their own home.  


  • Maybe you like the fact that someone is continually showing up at your home when you're away, for security and peace of mind.......such as when I showed up for a last call visit at night, and the cats had bumped into the kitchen sink water faucet and the spout was pointing at the counter---not into the sink.  So the water was running...EVERYWHERE.  I mopped it all up and restored order.  Imagine if I no one showed up that evening to catch that!!!  

And you will feel super connected to your pets and home, due to our sleek and informative customer portal which we use to send detailed reports with pictures, as a platform to communicate back and forth, for you to update with any pertinent info that we'll need, etc.

Again, this differs from dog walking in that you would be away for multiple days instead of just at work for the day, for example.  Such as when you travel.

--House Sitting:   

Very limited availability:  We can provide as much care and attention to your house while you are away, as we do for the pets we care for.  Don't have pets but still want Mail and trash barrels brought in?  Plants watered.  Activity in your yard while you're away so it doesn't invite thieves.  And so much more.  

And of course, if you do have pets, this service has us staying at your house (overnights) with them, versus the main pet sitting model where we visit several times, but don't stay overnight.

--Cat Sitting:

The most common amount of times cat sitting clients have us visit is once or twice per day.  

We clean out litter boxes.  Give insulin and other medication.  Feed and change water.  Play.  

We've been cat sitting for years and have crawled under beds to greet our clients' cats more than a few times!

Visits start at $15.

--Framed Photography of Local Interest...Coming Soon:

Framed photography of local nature and landscapes taken while on our dog walks like this one will be available soon.  I was walking a dog near the Assabet River in Stow in the winter time, and came across this Swan:

These will be available soon.  Thanks for your patience.

--Dog Care Consulting / Advice:  

Call for customized pricing.  We spend a dedicated and intensive hour or so with you and go over many of the very important issues regarding dog care---you don't have to be a current dog care client for this service.  

Did you just get an adorable puppy or a lovable rescue?  Are you watching a friend's dog for an extended period of time?  Then you may want to know:

Types of harnesses and leashes that best suit your particular dog.  Fencing and other containment issues.  Where to get great deals.  How to handle off leash dogs charging at you and your dog when you walk her...and so much more.  COMING SOON

Not to worry, if you're a current dog care client, and we do a "meet and greet" or you just want some advice.  Yes, we still provide a lot of the same information at no charge.  But...this particular service is much more intensive and not watered down with issues such as where you keep the leash for a walk, where the treats are kept, etc...which is often discussed in a "regular" meet and greet to prep for dog walking visits to your house.  The focus of the Dog Care Consultation is on your concerns about caring for your dog versus details about how a dog walk will be conducted.