A Dog Walker's Journey Chronicled Through Photos and Stories

Hi, I'm Brian. We've Evolved!  No more dog walks and pet sits, but plenty of experiences to share.  After "retiring" a Perfect 5-Star Rated dog care Company with well over 500 service clients, we now offer the same high-class and butler-like standards, but in the form of stunning photos and education taken from our thousands of dog walks.  And of course you can still get your dog groomed by April at Burke's Dog Grooming!

Photos Brian Took While on Dog Walks:

Well over 500 clients trusted us and helped make us a perfect 5 Star Rated service company...and one of "Boston's Most Inspiring Stories", So...  

Even though we don't walk your dog anymore, You can still receive those same high-quality standards if you want to purchase great landscape or nature photos to spice up your home decor or give as a gift!  And you can learn how to start your own dog walking business (coming soon)!